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Three pillars of communication…

I believe there are 3 ways to communicate

  1. Asynchronous:  This is when if I am communicating with you, its mostly for your information, or doesn’t need your immediate attention.
  2. Synchronous:  This is where its is somewhat important or very important and I am trying to communicate with you interactively, in real time.  This could be a phone call, instant messaging, etc.
  3. A complete emergency…

Now that said, if i send you an email, then I do no need you to respond immediately.  If you work for me, I hope you do the “important” things first, then get to my email.   If I call or instant message you, this is more immediate attention.  Call me back, IM me etc.   This is saying I do want to interrupt your work, its not an FYI.  What i like my developers to do, is often turn off email, and crank through their code.   If they are using email and an interrupt, they are not getting the work they need to get done.   Now so you understand email, and IM/Phone Calls/Texts.  Now lastly, if it is complete emergency, email and IM wont do, security will come and remove you from the building.   Now this 3rd pillar came during 9/11, where the CEO of the company I was working at was told to leave a building in downtown Manhattan.  Well he argued, and fought until security came and dragged him away.   This was his downfall, as the board started working on his exit soon after.  Your work is not important as your life, it matters.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Often you wonder if your employees are good or bad, or can they work well.  In larger companies it is easier for people to hide.  This as a business owner, a manager or even a shareholder is a problem.  The best way to solve this, make everyone and the work they do visible.  The more visible everyone is, their work will speak for themselves.   If work is shown to others to see, it will surface whether or not they are a good employee or not.  Good employees wont want to hide, they would want to stand out and help themselves get ahead.

Get on the Steamroller…

Get on the steamroller or be part of the pavement.  When change comes, you better be willing to change.  If you don’t you will find yourself being run over, and thrown out.  As Bruce Lee says “To change with change is a changeless state.”

Difference between Interesting and Annoying….

What is the difference between Interesting and annoying.   Interesting is when there is a difficult problem, and the problem happens to be yours.  Annoying is the same problem, and it happens to be mine.   I use this often when working, as its fun to let people know they have an interesting problem.


Condom Sense… The Beginning

I always wanted to do this…
Get everything I have learned in my life in a single space.  Although Blogs will be about some musing that people write about.  This is going to be a site, about the things I learned on how to be a better person.  It includes, health, technology, relationships, finding deals, etc.   All of the items may seem unrelated but, they are all part of me.  I hope you enjoy reading, as of current I don’t plan on advertising (most people use blockers anyway… see that on Technology when I write it) – I may open a patreon or other ways to help fund hosting, but for now please donate to one of my charities if you want to give money; Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Hockey in Newark.

This site was moved to my home site, as I figured it would be easier to find, and make more sense.   Again I will try to figure out a good pattern in writing, but often its not till I have the right idea and also the time.   I have a family (comes first) and a full time job.   If you ask some of my employees I use these statements often.   Enjoy the read, comment and I will approve all (including negative comments, I may cut out a bleep some parts to keep it family friendly.