Plan our dive… Then dive your plan..

When i was starting out in IT, I took a lot of classes to get certifications.  Most I realize were kinda dumb and not worth it in the long run.  In fact I think most of the certifications are for companies and software that no longer exists.  But back to the story.

When building and releasing applications the teacher used a metaphor of Diving.  Being a diving instructor as well as teaching IT, he stated I am going to teach you to plan your dive, then dive your plan.  He wanted us to make sure that our turnovers went smoothly, he taught us how to make sure we created install scripts, and tested them.  He wanted each step to be documented, and timed to the minute.   Once the scripts and the instructions were completed, we had planned our dive.   The next step, dive to the plan or execute the turnover.

This has stayed with me for over 20 years of building IT projects, and does help me get things done.