This can go on the “two types of people in the world” also, but for now I am putting it here.  I have learned there are two different way to make decisions, the first, is by getting just enough information to make the decision, and then make it.   The second is by getting all the information, and making a decision.

Now in both cases it doesn’t guarantee that you will make the right decision.  And actually is the key is not to be a person who always does one or another, but to know when to use each method.  There are times when the decision has to be right, and other time where time of the essence.  They key about making decisions using the “enough” information is, also knowing, if you make the wrong decision, what are the implications.  What is the cost of waiting till you have all the information.   I also have even told people which method I am using and why, just so they know the implications.