Since I last posted, and yes it was 21 days.  21 Busy days, and the last post was that I do not post once a day, or even once a week.   This site is 100% about making someone a better person, and what i think helps, and drives success.  Now on thing about success is often getting motivated.   Well, there was an article I thought i would share, with 50 quick thoughts to get you going.

What does this have to do with being a better person.  I often write sayings on my white board, and anyone who walks in my office, I ask them to read it and opine.  Motivating others are key, I may use a few of these, and a host of others.  But I would dedicate the top 1/8th of your whiteboard to actually having saying on it.  For me one corner I put the vision of my team,  I repeat the vision often. Its key!  The other corner is a saying.   To make people think and motivate.  So take some of these 50’s and post them in your office.