I always thought that you need a great team combined of the right skill set and diversity.   You can look at the meyers brigg types, or other types that you think are right.  But there is one that I am starting to realize that you need, you need an Edison and a Tesla.

Tesla is widely known, and someone even admired him so much he named a car company after him.   But at the end of the day, what did he invent?   He was pure visionary, had great ideas, great thoughts but limited execution.  Edison is looked at in two lights, first for the sure number of inventions he created, and lastly his attitude.  Lets drop his attitudes and issues, and go with purely the stuff he created.  He worked hard, he sweated constantly to come up with products and inventions.  He remarked that inventions are 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

I admire them both for what they accomplished.  And when building a team I need at least one Tesla, and as many Edisons as I can find.  If i have all Tesla’s i would  not deliver as much as I need to.  If I had all Edisons, I would miss many things we should be thinking to create.

I ask people, are you Edison, or you Tesla, or maybe you are combination of the two…