Years ago there was a Wendy’s commercial. Now, although it was making fun of parts is parts.  What people don’t realize is the cleverness behind that statement.

Problems often seem huge, like a giant mountain.  And there is there a fear of starting something (change) that also seems overwhelming.  But if Parts is Parts, then break the big problem into smaller pieces, and keep breaking into smaller pieces until the problem is solvable.  And just solve one problem at a time.  You don’t need to tackle the biggest piece first, often talking any part, starts momentum.

I once decided to replace the screen on an iPhone.  The first time i watch the video and saw how small the parts are, and how many parts there are was daunting.  But after watching the video and seeing how they broke down the fix into some steps, and parts is parts.   I did it, in fact eventually I was doing it regularly (having teens that break phones is not fun)  but that video reminded me, that the iPhone is just parts, and parts is parts.