Mark Twain: Eat a frog first think in the morning.


I often forget to follow this simple piece of advice.  Everyone has dozens of things they hate doing, and the procrastinate doing them.   Its a common problem, everyone like doing the easy thing.  In fact what i see is people often go read emails first, or do some surfing of the web.   They really avoid the biggest problem.  I eat breakfast and start reading emails.  Now at the end of the day I write the list of to-do’s for the next day.  And usually I get that list completed.  Often though its by the end of the day.

What I should do, is prioritize by what I don’t want to do first, and do that first.  The expression eat a frog first think in the morning, is saying do the thing you hate most first.  If you get that done first, the rest of the day can only get better.   Later in the day when you review your to do list instead of looking at the thing that you still didn’t do you and dread doing, it will be done.  Before you go home, and you are making the list for tomorrows to do’s the list will be shorter by one frog.

I did this for the last two days (Thursday and Friday) and found myself a little relieved.  I have changed my calendar a little bit, the one thing being I know block some time to eat frog along with my breakfast.

I should be adding a disclaimer, so, this blog has nothing to do about my current employer.  I make no money from this blog, there is no advertising, or charges to anyone.  I do this as a brain dump, to leave something behind.  If you want to support me, instead of doing that support one of the charities i care about, the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Hockey in Newark.  Thanks for reading.