The Gorilla and Banana Story.  I use this story a lot at work, I do not remember when/where I heard it first, so I cannot attest to its origin, the earliest i can find is in this book.  I work in IT, and one of the challenges we face often is that people seem to do the same thing over and over, this can be the business or even other technology.  They often don’t know why, the history, nor if it really is needed anymore.  When asked why do you do it, they say “cause someone showed me…”  The Gorilla story as told to me by an old boss.  A researcher had 3 gorillas in a cage, in the center of the cage there was a ladder, and on top of the ladder was some bananas.  The gorillas of course climb the ladder, but the researcher would shoot them with a hose.  After a while they gave up going to get the bananas.  At that point, he took one gorilla out, and put a new gorilla in. The new gorilla tried to climb the ladder.  What did the other 2 gorillas do, they stopped him.  Not wanting him to get water sprayed at him.  Once the new gorilla gave up, the researcher switched another old gorilla with a 2nd new gorilla.  The 2nd new gorilla of course wanted to climb the ladder.  And again the 2 gorillas, one new, and one old tackled the new gorilla.  Once the 2nd new gorilla gave up, the researcher did it again.  He took the last of the gorillas who got sprayed with a hose out, and put in a 3rd new gorilla.  The new gorilla climbed up the ladder, and the two gorillas who never were sprayed do what.. Yes they tackled the new gorilla.  Why, because that way it has always been done.

Now the story has different version, I have heard 4 or 5 gorillas, i have heard monkeys instead of gorillas.   But whether the story is true or not (I am leaning towards not) the lesson is there.  Just because something is working, doesn’t mean it is broken.  Dig into, ask questions and don’t accept the answer “that is they way they always did it”

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