I forgot about this one when working on the book, which is funny as I use it often.  The Graham Cracker theory is very simple, if you are in the desert, and have not eaten for 2 days, and someone gives you a stale moldy graham cracker, it is the worlds best cracker you ever eaten.  I used this to describe the World Cup of hockey (as it really wasn’t the world cup – more just the world of NHL cup) and dozens of other situations.

In your personal life, you need to be aware of any situation, that you are not starving for something so much that you take it as the best thing in the world.  Understand and control your appetite.  I have heard the expression do not go shopping on an empty stomach, it is sorta of the same thing.  I have seen it time and time again, where people are making decisions just because they are starving for an answer.  Learn to be patient, and learn to understand what is good versus what just happens to be there.

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