I have always looked at people who carry themselves in a certain manner.  Those who walk with confidence, don’t seem to have an insecurity in the world.  These famous people who are idolized, seem to be untouchable.  I always wondered why can’t I be like them, why do I feel so insecure, why do I have some demons that are on my mind.  But as I dig deeper there are stories of my Heroes and see they have fought demons and some that brought them down.  A few months ago I watched a documentary on Bruce Lee, well it was more a detailed autopsy.  They were trying to find out “why he died.”   Low and behold, the most likely reason was he was addicted to certain types of drugs, which although helped him be as leans as he was, but caused other issues.  It was not an allergic reaction to migraine medication.

Recently in the news, I have seen more people who were “stars” fall out of the sky.   It started making me think, what to do with all these fallen heroes, and the confidence they walked around with is more of a facade.   Now comparing demons to people who did horrible things is not what I am talking about.   But those who seem to find themselves losing the wars with their problems.

A few years ago, we often joked about the NFL, and how many of them were finding themselves in legal trouble.  I quick check of Congress and the Senate, and many of them have been caught doing illegal things.  If you look, we are often hunting for the worst in people, whether it be our heroes, or even more our villains (Who can be other people’s heroes,)    I had a coach once tell my daughter, it is not what you do when people are looking, it is what you do when people are not.   I think some of these people are learning, there isn’t a time when people are not looking.

But now to look at the title…   What to do when we find out they are not perfect.   To me learning Bruce was not perfect was something i knew already.   It didn’t change the way that I felt about him, as I still use his sayings for motivation, and to try to get better.  A heroes faults should not define the good they do.   You as the one who puts someone up as a hero, have the choice what to think.  All Heroes in movies/comics have a weakness, many are flawed, which is intentional.   We often still think they are heroes, people have not stopped watching superhero movies, in fact, we are inundated with them.

Separating the hero good traits from their flaws is what we need to do.  And not idolize the person, but the traits that we want to have.  Our goal should be to find a way to add those traits to our own lives and have others look up at us, and something to strive for..   I hope all the things that hold me back, the things I fight every day I can overcome, and I hope others can find the same…