Today I got an article in my feed about having to “leave work early” and what it meant…  The point the author made were the following:

  1. Work is a never ending process – It’s fact and we may as well get used to it, therefore stop focusing on 1 day or 1 week and start planning for a career. So harness the skills of time management and stop trying to get everything done in a day!
  2. Interest of a client is important, so is your family – Honestly I scoff at the remark from those who think 2 hours in the evening is enough for your family, it’s really not. They will always enrich your life more than a client ever can, give them the time they deserve.
  3. If you fall in life neither your client or boss will lend you a helping hand, your family will – Don’t get me wrong I was conflicted with this as I try to be a good boss and always try to be there, but I try, families always will, no questions asked.
  4. Life is not only about work, office, and client – I love the people and industry I work within and man when we celebrate it’s fantastic but do you know what, that’s one moment. With friends and family, it’s continuous and without expectation. Cherish your moments with family/friends and experience new adventures with them as well.
  5. A person who stays late at the office is not a hardworking person – This raised a lot of dispute on my original post and I understand why people would disagree but I have a different view. I have learnt in 10 years of recruitment that those who are able to work effectively in the time provided they are hugely successful and enjoy a great work life balance. If you are working 10-12 hours I beg you to look at what you are trying achieve and question whether they are genuinely adding benefit. Plan your day before you start your day, don’t do it at 8am or 8.30am when your day has started as your already chasing your tail. Don’t be a fool.
  6. You did not study hard or struggle in life to become a machine – Nail on head, machines can operate 24 hours a day with the right fuel. You cannot, balance your life, remember you have 24 hours a day, 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work, 8 hours of your own!
  7. If your boss forces you to work late – You know what I am a boss. If I have to ask anyone to work late or work late myself I am a fool. To date, I have never asked anyone to work late, I never will. Practice what you preach.  — From Andrew McGregor (giving him credit) 

Well what I like to really address is numbers 2-3.   First I tread my work (employees, employer, hell the custodian) all as family.  I will say hi to them, treat them with respect and treat them like who they are, a person.   In my day, I spend 3.5 hrs commuting, 9-10 hours at work, 6 hours sleeping that means about 5 hrs at home.  But I need to walk the dog, eat, clean up, shower, exercise etc.  So really the author maybe correct I spend 2 hours with the family.  But that is Monday thru Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not that.   My coworkers are part of my family, and I hope I am part of theirs, and spending time at work should be an enjoyable relationship experience.  I guarantee I don’t like everyone, but I do respect them and their talents.  Maybe its wrong, and maybe I will never be a Managing Director as like people, but I have friends.

As for number three, when you fall who will be there.  I have written before that I have had one of the worst tragedies in life, my wife passed away.  For those who were at the funeral, it was packed, by the book around 500 people.  And of those people, my current whole staff, five people from the business I support including both Managing Directors, my managing director, 2 previous managers, and thirty plus previous employees, including one who was in from China, lastly there were others co-workers from other divisions where I had worked before.  I was just dumbfounded, for  the outpouring of love and support.   These were people who were there when I was at rock bottom, and the people along with my friends (wait these people are my friends also) would help me get back up.

I cherish the moments I have with people at work, I cherish the moments with my friends at home, and cherish every second I spend with my girls.  Maybe I have a different perspective of life, I make sure I get my work done, and leave when I need to leave, and spend time balancing what I need to do with with my life.  But work is a big part of my life, and the people there are a big part also, maybe we should rethink our world, where our freinds, family, co-workers are all one big happy family.   Not something to leave, at least i think so.

This opinion is mine, and mine only, my current or former employers have nothing to do with it. I do not write for any financial gain, but if you do like what I write you can donate to the charity I support (with my wife)