My grandmother on my mothers side had a philosophy, Eat Dessert first, and I asked why, she said “Cause I never know if I am going to live thru dinner.” As I child you think that is funny, but the older and older I get, I start to understand the wisdom of the statement. It wasn’t about the simple meal, but more on how her outlook on life made her special. What was funny is she did something that made others eat dessert first, she would take chocolate bars and slice them up in pieces and put them out as part of welcoming snacks. She was more known for having Olives and celery out in a special bowl but i remember the snickers. Many people didnt there were there but us kids did.

My mom always said, life is not a dress rehearsal, you only go around once. As it was great advice, and I didn’t see the connection again till i was much later. I am now in my 50’s and with two kids I need to raise by myself it is often tough to do. But every so often I just do. One quick story, a few weekends ago, my friend called me and said come down to the shore, there is a band playing. Well that was at 10pm at night, he is about 1.5 hrs. away, I would have to bring the kids and the dog and crash at his place. Well the car was packed and we were off.

There are days I can;t follow that philosophy. I need to go to work, follow my daily routine and be a “responsible” adult. But that does not prevent me from thinking about what I can do when the time comes. Alas, it was not eat dessert before every meal, it was select meals. So when the time comes, I will eat dessert. and not worry about the days I don’t. Sorry to be short but not much more needs to be said, so enjoy that cake before

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