I have heard this saying often, so not sure who to credit the first, but I seem to be finding myself in the same situation. I have gotten older, and 2019 has flown by, yet some days seem to take forever. When I was a child, I couldn’t wait to get older. First I wanted my bar-mitzvah to come (turning of 13) then I wanted to drive at 17, then to vote (18) and then to drink legally 21. Seems like there were and endless set of milestones.

Now at 52, yes i am that old (in 2019) I don’t have predetermined goals. Maybe retirement, But that is not a set perfect age, and that is the only predetermined goal that is in front of me. Maybe its why the time feels the way it does. When you are impatient and waiting for something, the time seems to go slow. You can’t wait to get to the top of the mountain (don’t forget to look down) that each step seems to take forever. As well as now the goal isn’t there,or not really in sight seems the days go long.

I think each event in ones life seems to fly by, and sometimes to anticipation is what makes it drag on. Take for instance high school graduation. For days you can’t sleep waiting for that moment, talking to your classmates about it. Anticipating this momentous occasion. Alas it was just a walk, a short speech, getting handed a fake piece of paper and gone in a moment. What seem to be a 4 years wait, dozens of classes, countless homework and tests, and in a flash it was summarized in under an hour. Looking back I remember taking pictures with my friends (Larry Russo who is not with us anymore) and hugging and crying. I also remember it went so fast that it didn’t seem such and event.

But I should realize it was the journey, and not that celebration that was the fun time. And much of the time spent in high school was truly great times. Watching my kids now go thru it, I can see the same desire and anticipation to finish. I wish they would learn from my mistake and enjoy it more. I see that they do have some fun moments, but they need more. I know we have a little excuse, but their future is going to be full of adult challenges and there is only such a short time to be a kid. Maybe one of them will read this, and see what I see.

There are more goals ahead of them, falling in love for the first time, their first real job, their first paycheck, their first place of their own, getting married, maybe even having kids. And each journey they should enjoy. Right now I have the fortunate to know better, and I am on a new journey myself and trying to enjoy every day of it. I have no idea where it will lead, but I do know now not to worry about the destination.

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