Month: June 2020

I posted the first 3 months of my Daily Corona Journal….

I guess it seemed like a good time to post it, been keeping it since late Feb when it appeared that Corona was going to be big, and yes it was. Bigger than I ever though and definitely more deadly. I posted it with spelling, grammatical errors etc. It is un-edited just my words, sometimes a new flash, sometimes what I am thinking etc. I probably should not have put out in the public, but I just wanted to put it out there, as i know people may be feeling the same as I, afraid, courageous, hopeful, scared, wanting to help, helpless all at the same time.

I am debating if this weekend is the final update, as what is going on now needs something else, something a bit different than a daily journal. But we shall see…

When You Don’t Know What to say….

There are situations in life where you don’t know what to say. I have been on both sides of this dilemma. When my wife passed away, I know some people could not talk to me about it, and I and I think everyone has been in the situation where you don’t know what to say to someone else.

What I can say, when it was me being the one who people were approaching you don’t need to say anything, being there was good enough. Whatever you say would be good enough. For other people, I don’t have what is best for them. The one thing that I have been asking is “How can I help…” This is often better than how you are doing? Everyone asks that, How can I help gets to an action as you know they can’t be doing great. This gives the person something that you can do to assist with the turn around.

If you are reading this no during May/June of 2020 you may not get why, but I would advise you to google it and see what is going on. As for how I helped, I gave money to organizations that can make this place a better world. Isn’t that our goal and life journey, to make this world a better place than it was when we got here.

My disclaimer -though there maybe better places to donate in this time.

This opinion is mine, and mine only, my current or former employers have nothing to do with it. I do not write for any financial gain, I do not take advertising and any product company listed was not done for payment. But if you do like what I write you can donate to the charity I support (with my wife) or donate to your favorite charity. I pay to host my site, to keep it add free and use wordpress, and try to spend any time on the usability on the site (I apologize for that)

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