I decided to move my Condom Sense site to my name sake.  Not sure why I didn’t do that when I originally setup the site.  Maybe i was just hoping to get the root domain.  I was looking for other domains, and almost bought PostingGold.com, but than I realized I should be posting it on my namesake.   You can read more about Condom sense below.  I’ll apologize for not writing the technical articles yet, part because I am a perfectionist, and partly because I work for a fortune 500 company and I don’t want them to think I am posting anything work related.

For the rest of me personally, I have been in IT it feels my whole entire life from playing with a Franklin Ace 1000, to building PCs, to fixing iphones.  I wrote software for companies, some still running from the original install in the 90s.  I have a fantastic wife and two great kids who are the reason I work so hard, and try to give them everything.

Condom sense was a book I always wanted to write, just to dump everything in my head, and tell the stories that have been rattling around.  Not as a new years resolution, but more as an understanding that I am mortal I have decided to put pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keyboard.  This will not be the usual information that you might find elsewhere, though since its my experiences and life, there are multiple influences.  I will try to give credit where its due, although there are sometimes I choose to withhold credit until I get permission to put their names on the site.   Although I don’t think anyone would say no, but you never know.

Although Blogs will be about some musing that people write about.  This is going to be a site, about the things I learned on how to be a better person.  It includes, health, technology, relationships, finding deals, etc.   All of the items may seem unrelated but, they are all part of me.  I hope you enjoy reading, as of current I don’t plan on advertising (most people use blockers anyway… see that on Technology when I write it) – I may open a patreon or other ways to help fund hosting, but for now please donate to one of my charities if you want to give money; Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Hockey in Newark.

On May 9th, my soulmate, best friend and a part of me passed away,  Sheila Zimmerman Gold.  In her Honor I created 2 links for donations.  The Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and a Go Fund Me Campaign for the Girl College Education