I never understood all the qualities are in a good leader.  When I was young, I kept hearing how great a leader Mark Messier is, I could see his play on the ice, I saw him win, but could not understand what made him tick.   I wanted to be a leader, and as a grew older I read, took classes and took opportunities to learn lessons to become a leader.  I will try to put some of it to words here.  I don’t expect this to be the defacto standard, and I think everyone should search themselves, and figure it

Traits of Leadership
The first thing, is to figure out what traits you have, and which those you admire and are missing.  Now that being said, the challenge, is to figure out what you admire.  Its not easy.  The other challenge, is how to change.   And the fact that changing takes time.  There are common beliefs that you should only fix on trait at a time.  I agree, think of all the new years resolutions you made to get healthy, but eating better and exercising.  That is two habits you are attempting to change.  You are better off starting with one, then once it becomes part of your lifestyle add the other.

Now of course, there are how others see you.  If you are not seen as a leader by others it is hard to lead. There is the Johari model (image below) There are key.  You need to figure out your blind areas.  These are things that are known by others, but unknown to yourself. I would spend some time reading about it, I cannot do it justice.


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Step out of your comfort zone…
This is something I finally learned.  To succeed or move up, you need step out of your comfort zone.  This is for work, for fitness, and for relationships.  If you only know comfort foods, only know comfort places, you will find yourself always in the same place.

I was once told, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  But I think its accept the job you want, not the one you can do.  If you do not challenge yourself to grow and get better, how do you expect to grow and get better.  Your boss is not responsible for your growth, you are.  The sooner you wake up and understand that, the sooner you can start to grow.

One thing, by doing this site, I am stepping out of what I normally do.  I am not a writer, I am not an educator, but I want to be one once I am done doing my current occupation.   My current role at my job I accepted, not knowing if I could do it or not.  I believe I could, it was nothing I had done in my past, but I trusted my thoughts of growth, and ability to learn.

Success is not simple, and it happens by taking small steps.  Many doors will open on your journey, you need to make sure you step through it.

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After a meeting or interaction, the thing you should be thinking is “What are you going to do”

To be a successful leader, you need to be able to give direction and Autonomy

Be mindful.  Pay attention when people are talking, you need to show people you are listening.

Decision Making, two types of people, those who make them once they find enough information, and those who are wait till they have all the information.

Lead by example, but doing it by yourself is not always leading

Knowing how to lead is knowing the people underneath you and how they need to be leaded.  Are they given tasks, do they need to know why, do they need autonomy, whats the driver.  Do you need to play people, do you need to challenge them.

What difference between care taking, and caring for.  And which is good?

When you get a leadership role, what is the first thing you do?    Team building? Set the order, arrangement? does the team find its way or do you drive it?

How to give feedback

Got so much more, but I am writing this slow, and its not my full time job.