Yesterday met up with someone I mentor, and in the conversation found out that a goal they shot for had passed by. So instead of continuing to shoot for it they choose to go in another direction. The goal they wanted was not unreachable, was not gone but wasnt on the “right schedule.” Those who know me know I quote movies and TV shows mostly for humorous situations. This time quoting Cheers (yes cheers) where Robin Colcurt was talking to Sam as Sam was about to buy another bar not cheers. He asked “is this what our really want…” To which Sam replied “I don’t want to buy that crappy bar… I want to buy this crappy bar…” – Its funny as you watch people as the light bulb goes off…. Goals are a wonderful thing, you need to have one and shoot for it, some days you take a step forward a step backwards, even a step sideways… But wake up the next day and try to take the step forward. Its something then I had to repeat to Ariel last night.. You can redo yesterday, but you make tomorrow one step closer..

Please note I wrote this in 2014, but never posted it, it stayed in draft. But thought I would release it as there really is nothing I need to add to it..

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