I always wanted to do this.

2023 Update:   This actually has become an incredibly dump of my thoughts. I hope you enjoy it, and again I write this for myself, it is therapeutic.

Get everything I have learned in my life in a single space.  Although Blogs will be about some musing that people write about.  This is going to be a site, about the things I learned on how to be a better person.  It includes, health, technology, relationships, finding deals, etc.   All of the items may seem unrelated but, they are all part of me.  I hope you enjoy reading, as of current I don’t plan on advertising (most people use blockers anyway… see that on Technology when I write it) – I may open a patreon or other ways to help fund hosting, but for now please donate to one of my charities if you want to give money; Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Hockey in Newark.